Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What a Week...

Well, it has been a tough week. Last Wednesday evening, my Grandaddy unexpectedly passed away while at rehab. The news was a real shock and was deastating for our family. Adam and I learned around 11:30pm (CST). We got dressed and drove over to Mom and Dad's house. After helping them get ready to head home, Adam and I got home around 2:30am and tried to sleep a few hours. (This didn't really happen for me, but Adam did rest a bit.) Adam and I awoke at 6am and prepared to head to Moultrie. We finally got home around 4 pm and went straight to the funeral home.

The next several days were time spent with family and friends as well as Grandaddy's funeral on Saturday. It was a sad, sad time for all of us. John, Jacob, Trey, and I eulogized our Grandaddy with Trey and I reading what my Dad had written in tribute to him. The oldest 4 grandchildren (myself included) along with my Dad's first cousin stayed at the graveside until Grandaddy was burried.

On Sunday, we divided some precious keepsakes (knives primarily) and loaded the car to come home. I was VERY touched to find a speech that my Grandaddy wrote for me when I received an award in 7th grade (which he presented to me). After 20 years, he had saved it! Adam and I went by Grandaddy's grave one more time, just the two of us. While I know he's in heaven, it was still really hard to say Goodbye...and still is. Adam and I got home around 9:30pm.

My Grandaddy was really the keystone to our family and was such a wonderful man. I just can't hardly imagine the future without him, particularly as we continue on this journey to have a baby. I know he would have been there on the delivery day and when that day does come (if ever), it will be bittersweet. I know he'll be watching from above and he will guard us carefully as we navigate this process.

Thank you Grandaddy for never missing a moment in my life and for loving us with your whole heart. We love you!

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