Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just in Time for the Second Trimester

My new best friend...
 Tomorrow, we officially move into the second trimester.  Statistically speaking, our miscarriage risk is less than 1% now...and our next worry becomes pre-term labor in about 7 more weeks.  Today, Adam and I spent a lazy day at home.  This morning, I was napping on the couch while he watched a movie.  I decided to try our fetal doppler, which to this point had been fairly disappointing. 

There was no fanfare and no videos were taken (since I wasn't anticipating the event), but the moment was almost magical for Adam and I.  After just a few minutes, I was finally able to pick up each baby's heartbeat!  Baby B was around 155 and Baby A was around 169...consistent with our past 2 ultrasounds.  Both heartbeats were steady and strong...and within an inch of each other.  We listened for a minute or two with each baby, and then put the doppler away.  It was totally amazing to hear the heartbeats of these two tiny lives inside of me and made them feel so very real today!

At some point, I'll try to have Adam record the sounds of each baby...maybe once they are a pinch easier to find.  Every milestone in this pregnancy is so very special to us and I can't wait for the next one to happen!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

12 Weeks and Some Early "Personalities"

Yesterday, we went to Nashville for our 12 week appointment and labs.  One nice thing about getting to stay under our RE's care is the fact that we get ultrasounds every 2 weeks...which means we've gotten to "see" our babies grow!  Since many ladies only have 2-3 ultrasounds during their entire pregnancies, we are very blessed to have had 6 so far! 
Our babies have had consistent "personalities" now for the past 2 ultrasounds.  Baby A (on the right side) is our mellow little one.  This time, Baby A was stretching here and there and playing with his/her umbilical cord.  Baby B seems to be our little fireball.  This Baby is super active, to the point where measuring his/her heartbeat is super difficult!  Yesterday, we watched Baby B kick through his/her sac and literally indent the sac of Baby A...which made Baby A flinch every time!  I feel kind of bad for Baby A...and this kid is being beaten alive by his/her brother or sister!

 Firecracker B!

Mellow A!

Our next, and likely last appointment with our RE will be September 10.  It will be bittersweet, as we've gotten to know several staff members and our MD...and we will miss the wonderful care we have received.  We will then be handed off to an OB and a Perinatologist for the remainder of our pregnancy. We are still thrilled that we've come so far and are doing so wonderfully!

Monday, August 6, 2012

10 Weeks and Going Strong!

Today was our 10 week appointment and everything looked great.  Both babies are now positioned with their heads close together and were VERY active!  We have some nice printed photos of them (at least their heads, arms, and legs together), but they didn't scan well at all so I didn't include them. It's impossible to get a shot of both babies together, as they are in different planes and wiggly.  We were able to see so much more today than 2 weeks ago, including hands, heads, tummies, legs, and even the spinal column of each baby.  While most women talk about their strong emotions when seeing a heartbeat...I had MUCH more emotion today seeing the babies moving!  It was amazing and almost unbelievable that Adam and I could be parents of these little miracles!  We did forget our nice camera today, so the video was taken with a cell phone...held sideways.  I think it still gets the point across though!  On other news, last night was my official last hip/butt injection!  I'm now being transitioned to skin patches and pills...which is so nice compared to the shots!  My hips are thanking me already!  As always, our doc was very happy with everything and has decided to keep us a minimum of 12 weeks and probably more like 16.  After our journey, I find this comforting!
Our next visit is August 20.  I don't expect much in the interim...but will post with any news that may arise.  These babies are the answer to many, many prayers and we feel super blessed to have made it this far with little ones who seem to be thriving!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our 6th Anniversary!

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary!  For those who have read the blog for quite some time, you may remember that last year we celebrated our anniversary in New Orleans.  At that time, Adam laid 3 quarters at the tomb of Mary Laveau...hoping to be blessed with a few babies.  One year later, our request has been granted!  My gifts this year consisted of a beautiful jewelry box (since wood is the traditional gift), flowers, a nice card, and a new charm for my Reflections bracelet (amethyst is the 6th anniversary color).  I bought Adam a new radar detector and a Star Wars post-it set that makes weird noises...VERY romantic!

Despite nice gifts, our best gift is the love we have developed with each other these past 6 years and the life we have created for ourselves.  Between finishing training, moving several times, a struggling private practice at times, changes in his jobs and going back to school, and our infertility struggle...our marriage has been tested quite a bit!  Somehow though, we've done just fine and couldn't be much happier than we are now!  Obviously, our pregnancy has been the icing-on-the-cake this year.

I photographed the bottle charm, since I meant to post about it awhile back.  Adam bought it for our February cycle, as he just knew it would be successful.  When it failed, he stored it away (said he never thought of returning it) and waited until we finally knew we were pregnant.  I can't wait to put it on the bracelet...just haven't had an occasion yet!

Tomorrow is our 10 week visit and ultrasound.  Hopefully all is going well on the inside and the babies are growing nicely!  Will post something tomorrow...and hopefully some photos as well!