Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ok...They Called!

After sending my previous thread, I left the less than a cheerful mood. While driving, Anita (the IVF Coordinator/Nurse) called. I talked to her for several minutes about the data and my concerns. She answered all of my questions candidly, which I really appreciated. I now know why the numbers were the way they were and exactly what was done about them. Long story short, recent numbers (with new staff) are 40% in all age groups. (My age group with our issues is running in the 60+ percentile.) This is above the national average, so I'm very comfortable.

Tomorrow, I'll talk to Sue (the scheduler) to arrange our consents and IVF teaching session. While this will be sometime next month, we are looking at a June egg retrieval time. For those curious about the delay, it's because of me! My vacation and Girls' Weekend kind of ruined the April and May cycle opportunities. Since I value these 2 trips (A LOT), I was fine with the delay.

Will hopefully send a quick update tomorrow and we'll look forward to receiving our "calendar." Hope everyone has a great rest of the week!

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