Friday, March 18, 2011

Well, It's Official...

As most of you know, today was the big day. Adam and I drove to Nashville this afternoon for our 2:30pm appointment. I guess you could say we were a little anxious, as we arrived almost 50 minutes early! We checked into the office and were taken back about 30 minutes late (around 3). We were then taken to the exam room where vitals were taken and the nurse told us we would be going to Dr. Vasquez's office soon....when he finished an insemination. This provided good enertainment for us as the woman being inseminated was in the room next to us and was quite vocal (to say the least)! After a few laughs, Dr. Vasquez came in and escorted us into his office.

After some small talk about low reimbursements, patients who fail to pay, and those who sue, we got down to business. My cultures, sono-hysterosalpingogram, and hysteroscopy were all good. That's unfortunately all that was good...

Adam's counts were only 4 million and with bad morphology, movement, and pH. The first order of business was to discuss the need to freeze a back-up. Out of 4 million, he's seriously worried that he wouldn't have enough perfect ones to fertilize the eggs! So, we agreed that it was a good box on the form checked.

The real news was that I wasn't as perfect as we had thought. While my numbers are satisfactory, they weren't that great. I apparently have a luteal phase deficiency with less than ideal eggs. They work, just a little more sluggishly than we would like. I should respond well to IVF meds, but will not be a candidate for "natural cycle" or low-dose med hormones, here I come!

In the end, there is absolutely no chance of us conceiving on our own (outside of a real miracle). The remainder of the form was left unchecked and the letters "IVF" were written across it in capital letters. Guess that's as clear as it gets!

We will be called next Monday or Tuesday (after insurance gives the green light) to set up an IVF teaching session where we will have all medications and protocols explained (and I'm sure this includes the financial discussions as well). Once done, we will begin the cycle. This may not happen until May, as we already have paid for our cruise vacation for the end of April.

Overall, Adam is THRILLED that this "isn't ALL his fault!" He even did a little jig down the long office hallway singing a little tune... "It's not all my fault," over and over again! He announced his proud news to the male receptionist...who just smiled, and he reminded me (and everyone we called) on the way home! In some ways, I'm a little happy that I'm not perfect. I NEVER blamed him for everything (well only once...but that's another story), but he was obviously feeling some of that. So, now we are on a level playing field and he's a lot more relaxed!

I'm thrilled that we can be helped, though am cautiously optimistic. We are thankful that this technology and medical experience exists and are just anxious to see where this path takes us.

Thanks to all who sent messages and called today. I really did appreciate it!

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