Friday, March 25, 2011

Good News!

Well, today I finally got to talk to the scheduler regarding our insurance verification process and getting started. She sent all materials to Aetna yesterday and was surprised to see the approval letter today! Adam and I are approved for In Vitro, ICSI (where sperm is manually placed into the egg), and crypreservation of our embryos (which is almost unheard of)! It didn't pre-approve AZH (assisted zona hatching), but will go back and authorize it IF is is needed. We are tickled pink (or blue) at this news and can't wait to get started.

On April 15, we will be in Nashville by 8am (which will mean leaving the house by 6:15am) for our "teaching." We will sign all consents and arrange for drugs to be shipped to the house. Obviously, we will also pay for everything... (The whole process should be less than $3000, which is wonderful! Thank goodness for Bank of America Aetna policies! We are very blessed.)

So, now we wait...again...

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Anonymous said...

Just read all the blog entries and got caught-up to where you all are now in the process. Sounding good and so excited for you.