Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Beginnings....

Since May, Adam and I have actively tried to begin our family. There were a few road blocks (like the thyroid mass turned thyroidectomy), but otherwise things seemed to be in order. After no success, we decided that we would seek "help" in 2011 if we didn't see the magical two lines. Well, 2011 rolled along and nothing changed. We began our testing with our Ob/Gyn and Urologist, only to find that things we not totally ok. So, at the end of January, we made our first Reproductive Endocrinologist appointment (RE).

On Februrary 18, we saw Dr. Vasquez in Nashville for the first time. The office seemed nice and very well organized. The first visit consisted of tons of paperwork, a brief exam, a "talk" with Dr. Vasquez, a trip to the lab for my blood to be drawn, then another "talk' with the financial guru of the office. Afterwards, tons of tests were ordered and scheduled for March 2; and we were on our way!

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