Sunday, March 6, 2011

Visit Number 2, March 2, 2011

Well, March 2 came around and here's how it went... (Don't read if you don't really want the details!) Sorry the entry is late...

Today went fine and actually much easy than I expected. We (Adam, Ms. Lokey, and I) were told to be there at 9:45 and that my procedure was scheduled for 10:30. (Mind you, this meant leaving our house at 7:30 am.) They were running late, naturally, so I made a couple of observations. 2 women came in alone, there were 2 lesbian couples, and 3 heterosexual couples (including us). The magazine collection for reading consisted of Golf Digest, Sports Illustrated, and Family Circle! Really??? Family Circle for infertile couples???

Adam was called back for his sperm analysis around 1030, so he was gone before me. He also had some labs done, but I have no idea what all were drawn. I was called back around 10:40. Went to the OR suite. Was given a buttless gown, stupid little booties (shoe covers), told I could keep my bra and jewelry on (how nice), and told to pee in a cup for my pregnancy test. Necessary, but kind of funny as well...heck, it's a freakin infertility clinic!

After walking out (while trying to keep my butt covered in a gown that was not particularly roomy), I was given a blanket and taken into the "OR." It's basically a room with a fancy exam table, fancy stirrups (not the usual ones), TV monitor, and nice ultrasound machine. The tech placed me on monitors (BP, pulse,EKG, pulse ox) and asked several questions. The nurse then came in. She gave me a 10mg valium pill to swallow. I saw her with the 2 syringes and raised the sleeve on my left arm, but was told that they wouldn't be going there. So, got two shots on my left butt. The toradol barely hurt (just the "stab") and the Demerol/Phenergan hurt a pinch more (the stab and the burn). Nothing terrible though!

The lights were then dimmed and I was allowed to "relax" for about 30 minutes. The nurse came back in and put my knees in the fancy stirrups. They stayed there about 15 minutes. She then came in again and said the doctor was behind, so she took them out. As you expect, 10 minutes later, the knees were back in place. I suspect this is an awkward feeling, but at this point, I was totally fine! (Had to struggle to keep my eyes open.)

The doc came in, spoke to me, and the "table" was brought in. Speculum went in (cold and mildly uncomfortable) and off he went. He first did cultures..felt just a tiny bit more uncomfortable than a Pap. I think he numbed the cervix, but I'm not sure. I felt about 2 seconds of a pinching sensation, which was then over. He then put the little catheter in, removed the speculum, and did the sono-hysterosalpingogram. Both tubes were wide open, which is a good thing. (I saw the image and knew they were open before he told me...) He then removed the catheter, replaced the speculum, and did the endometrial biopsy. Once again, a pinch for about 3 seconds. For those wondering, I'm sure this is horribly painful if you aren't souped up on tons of drugs like I was! He then did the hysteroscopy, which was surprisingly not uncomfortable at all.

That was it for him. He told me everything looked good and that he would give us the plan on March 18. After he left, I was allowed to "rest" (and was told not to move) for about 15 minutes. The tech came in to draw a CBC (standard blood count they do, just in case bleeding occurs later). She missed, but I kind of could tell she wasn't confident in her drawing skills. Nurse came in and drew it in the other arm without issues. She helped me up and I went to the changing room. Cleaned up (they have washclothes, babywipes, pads, you name it) and got myself dressed. Was placed in a wheelchair and met Adam and Ms. Lokey at the elevator.

Basically, just rested and slept off the drugs today. Took a pain pill, but only so that I could sleep. Really, no pain and very minimal cramping. I feel fine tonight other than being sleepy!

So...that's today's experience. Now, we sit and wait until the 18th! Thanks for asking and sending nice thoughts!

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