Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No News...Grr...

Well, I kept my phone glued to my body all day long but the phone call never came. I'm a little disappointed, as I am SOOOOOO anxious to get a schedule. (Those who know me know that I plan everything in my life...way ahead of time!)

I also saw the newest data on our doc yesterday and was really discouraged. His success rates in 2009 were NOT good, which scares me to death. Adam knows a couple who swears by this doctor (who had girl/boy twins thanks to him), but I'm a little torn. After lots of discussion, we've agreed to ask about the data when the nurse calls. If the explanation is reasonable, then we will proceed with IVF with him. One positive sign is that his numbers only included 1 male-factor, which is 95% of our issue. So, maybe our numbers will be way higher than his average!

Anyway, will post once we get something else scheduled. Trust me...noone is as anxious as me!

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