Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Our Perfect Memorial Day

Yesterday, Adam and I finally had a whole day together without any obligations to work, call, or family.  Since this was our first real "day off without obligations" since Labor Day (for real), we decided to enjoy ourselves and celebrate my 35th birthday...just 12 days late! 

I woke up early and went to the hospital to release my only patient.  I then brought breakfast home for us.  We enjoyed breakfast and hopped in the car to head to Nashville.  Our first stop was the Nashville Zoo.  Since we had never been there and Adam wanted to try out his new camera, we figured it would be fun.  We saw every visible animal (which wasn't very many actually) in about 2 hours.  We took several photos and enjoyed our time together.  We, then, headed to Opry Mills and shopped a bit.  Because we had more time than we expected, we decided to see a movie.  Having seen MIB III on Friday night and having limited options, we opted for The Dictator.  It was funny, stupid, and massively politically incorrect.  But...it made us both laugh...which was so nice! 

After finishing the movie, we went to Melting Pot for my late birthday dinner.  The Melting Pot has been a favorite chain restaurant for Adam and I for years.  We enjoy the leisurely pace of dinner there...and who doesn't like melted chocolate???  We had a great dinner and finished it up by doing a good deed...which will forever be between us and the waitress.  I think we both left dinner feeling fulfilled...in many ways!

Overall, it was VERY nice to have a day together...especially one that didn't focus on our infertility.  It just reminds me that our marriage is amazing and I am very very thankful! 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!