Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our New Address (Tentative)

As of today, I have sent all of my financial information to Las Vegas and we have been assigned a townhome number. Here is our new address...

Adam and Loucinda Sawinski
2601 South Pavilion Center Dr.
Apartment 1176
Las Vegas, NV 89135

Our tentative move-in date is August 1, so pictures will be coming shortly thereafter.
(BTW...moving with 2 dogs is really pricey! Pet rent is $50 per month, plus $500 pet fee, plus $100 pet deposit. I have no idea what the difference between a pet fee is from a pet deposit, so don't ask...)

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our Last Florida "Relaxing Weekend"

As most of you know, Adam and I are notorious for leaving town one weekend per month. This gives us a break from the animals, our jobs, laptop computers, and endless responsibilities. It allows us to have time together, which I believe really makes our marriage work. Our last trip was probably our last trip alone while here in Florida. We went to Cedar Key (a small little fishing village on the west coast of Florida) for the weekend. It was truly beautiful. Here are some pictures of the weekend that we will likely miss after our move...

Our Lives

We are starting this blog in an effort to share our lives as we prepare to move 2100+ miles from our loved ones and friends. We will attempt to post frequently, share information, and throw in a few pictures here and there to comemorate this crazy time in our lives!