Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Little Blasts...and More Great News!

Our babies...can't wait to see how many "stuck!"

For you Rosewater...
Today was our second beta HCG (pregnancy blood test).  We increased from 284 to 630 in 48 hours!  Our nurse's first words when she called me today were, " are just an over achiever, aren't you?  You definitely are blowing the socks off of this!"  Since I've never done anything but fail in this ART world, I can't tell you how great it felt to FINALLY get great news from our main nurse!  It was great to go into the office today and get hugs and "congratulations" comments as well...not to mention a very nice email from our doc!

As for the future, I keep being asked about ultrasounds, due dates, and other information.  Our due date is March 3...assuming a 40 week singleton.  Based on our numbers so far, there's probably more than one baby growing.  So...taking that into consideration and my hypertension, I feel like our realistic due date will be sometime in late January/early February.  With just never know!  As for ultrasounds, that should be determined on Friday.  I'm thinking July 23...but hoping I can beg my way into one on July 16.  It feels like so far away right now!

Obviously, we are on Cloud 9 right now!  I sincerely wanted to give this 100% effort, but never dreamed we would actually ever be successful.  Thankfully, we have a great doctor with wonderful staff who never painted "rosey" pictures...but also told us that it wasn't yet time to quit.  I'm just trying to enjoy every second of this happiness (even when I threw up today) and can't wait until Friday to see our next set of numbers!

I have had many emails and messages...from as far away as Germany and Australia these past few days!  It has been wonderful.  Thank you all!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Finally...a BFP!!!

First of all, if you have a problem with seeing photos of home pregnancy tests...then now would be a good time to quit reading!  Only a woman who has faced infertility can understand the NEED to test this many times...and I'm that woman!  Secondly, I have updated the blog for you who actually read it...not the Facebook masses who click on a link when I kindly provide it.  In return, I am asking that you please NOT place anything on Facebook in reference to this post...or any future posts.  If you want to message me, please do so in the comments here or at my email which is

Now that those are out of the way...  WE ARE PREGNANT!!!  After 2 years, 4 IVF/FET cycles and 3 embryo transfers, 2.25 gallons of sharps injected, over 50 blood draws, 40 ultrasounds, 4 procedures under anesthetic, thousands of dollars, hours of tears, bruises and lumps, and a few other "details," something finally worked!  And the photos above tell the story...

We began this frozen embryo transfer process with an endometrial biopsy (under local anesthetic only) on May our blood test confirmed a pregnancy!'s been a LONG process!  I really didn't expect it to work, as frozen embryos often don't implant as well as fresh ones.  We also took a gamble with the 10 that were frozen (previously thought to be 9...but they managed to "save" one more at the last minute) and thawed them all 2 days before we did the transfer to allow them to grow 2 extra days in culture.  In laymens weeds out the weaklings.  Out of the 10 we began with, 7 survived wonderfully!  On June 16, we placed 3 beautiful blasts (5 day embryos).  4 blasts were re-frozen...and can be used at a later date if needed.  The transfer went very nicely and I came home to 4 days of very strict bedrest...this time, only being allowed to lay on my sides (no back, stomach, etc).  It passed fairly quickly...thankfully! 

On Tuesday, June 19, we had an implantation "sign."  Because it's TMI...just trust made me hopeful!

On Thursday, June 21, I had terrible heartburn that wouldn't let up with Tums.  I wanted a Prilosec like an addict wants crack!  But...I didn't care to take it if I was pregnant.  Once I got home, I told Adam and we decided to home test.  If it was negative, I would end my torture and take the Prilosec (figuring that if there was no pregnancy hormone, it wasn't likely to cause harm).  Well...we did the test together (no privacy in our home)...and it was very faintly positive! I couldn't help but cry...I was shocked, happy, and scared!

Over the next few days, the lines got more visible and digital tests were positive.  Of note is that the cheapo Dollar Store tests were minimally positive...even yesterday.  Lesson: Don't depend on Dollar Tree for your home pregnancy test needs!  On Saturday, we told only our parents...obviously they were happy!

Today was our official  beta-HCG blood test. I told one of our two nurses in Nashville that I was pregnant just before the blood was drawn...just hoping it was enough.  She teared up and hugged me...clearly she was excited!  I'm a touch sad that our other nurse was off, but hoping she'll hear the news when she gets back!  As for the test, any number over 50 would have been "good."  I was just hoping for over I felt that was a better, safe, and solid number. was 284!!!  We probably have more than one baby growing inside me, but won't know for a couple more weeks.

We have told our family members and very close friends...and we feel so blessed and thankful for this opportunity!  We pray that the pregnancy progresses well and will be thankful for every day of it that we get...regardless of the ultimate outcome.  We go back on Wednesday and are looking for the number to double.  So, we'll hope for the best and be thankful regardless!

For those who have prayed, thank you!  I believe all of our prayers have been answered and I am VERY grateful!  Here we go...