Friday, October 26, 2012

21 Week Update


Our little girl playing "shy."  She was rolling away from us with her arm above her head!
Sibling kisses...or butting heads...hard to say!
Today, Adam and I went to Murfreesboro for our second anatomy scan for the babies.  Our morning started with me stepping on Fonzie (in the dark) and running a pinch late.  Once we were on the road, we arrived on time only to wait 15 minutes in the waiting room.  We were the only ones there for 2.5 hours!

We went back around 8:20am and started the ultrasound.  About 95 minutes later, we were done!  Both babies seemed to be doing well.  I didn't get an estimated weight or length, but can tell you that both were measuring a few days smaller...especially our little girl.  This wasn't a concern to the ultrasonographer and we didn't get any calls from the MFM, so we are taking those as signs that all is well!  For those who have had twins and would actually care, my cervix is still a rock at 43mm...which is my baseline no early thinning for me (at least so far)!

Both babies are now breech with their heads about 2" above my belly-button.  While I'm only 21 weeks and 4 days, I measure somewhere around 26-27 weeks!  They like to lay head-to-head and are constantly hitting and kicking each if they WANT to be touching all the time!  Our little boy was the hyper one today, while our little girl was a pinch more mellow.  So...who knows how they'll be once they are born??? 

We continue to be super-thankful for these tiny blessings and are amazed at how they are changing our lives with every day that comes closer to their births.  While we've been hesitant, and still are, I did break down and buy 2 little hats to keep their heads warm in the hospital today on Etsy.  We plan to stick with tiny things until we hit 25 weeks...then the car seats, bedside sleeper, and stroller purchases will need to be made! 

I'll try to get Adam to take some pregnancy photos this weekend and get them posted. Basically, I've gained 13 pounds and just look fatter...not necessarily pregnant.  Oh well...can't win everything!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our kids are already taking after us...

Yesterday, we had another follow up appointment at the Nashville Maternal Fetal Medicine group.  We knew it was our day for the lovely cultures (got to be sure we don't carry any STDs) and a quick check on my cervix.  As usual, we arrived early in Nashville and decided to have a quick breakfast at Krispy Kreme.  We ate 2 "Halloween" doughnuts and I had some milk...trying to balance the heartburn risk! 

Around 8:45am, we walked into the clinic.  There were several ladies there and a family with 2 little girls...still in blanket sleepers!  The little girls proceeded to yell, scream, and pour juice/milk all over the seating in the office...while Mom and Dad played with their cell phones.  Another lady who was clearly pregnant (more than me) didn't even know the name of her Ob-Gyn who sent her to the office, which was fascinating!  And 2 other ladies came in nasty sweatpants, dirty shirts, and old bedroom shoes. scrubs, I was the best dressed patient there!  Guess our society is really sad these days!

We went back around 9:30am and were seen initially by the office manager.  It was great, because she realized how far I had to travel and how running late was kind of an I'm thinking we'll get in and out a little quicker from here forward!  I did a quick urinalysis, had blood drawn, and had my cultures with our doc.  I then crossed the hall with a sheet around my waist (so NOT my style) for the ultrasound.  My cervix is great (over 40mm in length and completely bent at 90 degrees) and the babies looked great as well.  I think our Baby A/Boy must love doughnuts as much as us because he was VERY active!  Our Baby B/Girl was fairly active, but we think she might have been in the midst of a sugar coma!  We feel rather certain that these little ones LOVE doughnuts as much as we do!  We left with everything looking great and a weight gain so far of 10 pounds (which included my very swollen realistically around 8 pounds)! 

Our next appointment is our "official" anatomy scan and will be done on October 26 at 8am.  While we pretty much know everything looks good at this point, it'll be refreshing to know that everything is "officially" perfect!