Thursday, August 30, 2007

Adam Got A New Job!!!

Now I know what you are thinking....haven't we already seen this post? Well, yes and no. Adam has been working for the bank in the am then working for a new company in the pm over the past 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the new place has a interesting boss who managed to exhaust his profane vocabulary on my husband in front of all the leaders of the company during a staff meeting. (All because Adam didn't perform a task, which he couldn't do because the boss refused to grant him access to the information. This led to the "what are you doing then...since you obviously aren't doing your job" tyrade.) So, God smiled on Adam and the same day this all happened, Adam got a call for a telephone interview. The next day, he had a normal interview and was granted the new job. Adam now works for Cyber View (which you can google online and see their site). It is a small company based in the UK (so his new boss is in London). He is really excited with this opportunity, which includes benefits, vacation time (1.3 days per month earned for 20 days in the year), and a well-established and happy staff. He also has flexible hours and has chosed 7-4 (with 1 hour of breaks required by Nevada state law). So...I actually get to see my husband again (which was the whole point of him moving out here with me). We are definitely going to celebrate his new job, my passing the boards, and my happiness in my job this weekend, so pictures will be coming. (I think we are going to see a show!)

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Anonymous said...

Glad everything worked out! Make sure to call me Saturday so we can chat. Call before 1:00 my time if possible! Hopefully the show will be good!