Friday, August 3, 2007

754 Today for Total of 2259 Miles!!!

Well...we are about 100 miles from our new home tonight! (We couldn't get our paperwork and keys until tomorrow, so we figured we'd just stop in Kingson and get a good night's rest.) We should start unloading the truck by noon tomorrow. We've had a great trip with really no problems(thank God)! The animals have done really well and have made the trip a pleasure. Their only issue seems to be the paucity of grass here in the west... Anyway, I took some pics as we travelled through some amazing landscapes over the past 3 days. Here they are from east to west!!!

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful...great to see the picks. It is Saturday and I am waking up slow after the first week of the 3rd year students on our service...major crispy.

I hope all goes well today in your final journey of the road trip to your new home. I mailed a little something yesterday so assume you should receive some time next week. When you have time/ will have to rent the movie, The Long Trailer, I mentioned. It is one of the Lucy & Dezi Arnaz movies from the 50s or 60s about their travels out is a hoot with lots of laughs.