Saturday, August 18, 2007

Adam Got A Job!!!

Well, for those who don't know... Adam's transfer has been denied (at multiple levels) and therefore he has been seeking a new position in Vegas while still working for the bank (undercover). He knew that he would have to return to Jacksonville if he didn't have a job by September 1, so we were a little concerned. IT jobs in Adam's exact field are hard to come by out here, and the pay is not usually very good. But he was called on Wednesday, interviewed the same day, and offered a job on the same day. He initially refused bc the pay wasn't enough, but they offered more and he accepted today. The goods are: 1. Reasonable salary with opportunity for a raise in 90 days. 2. He only answers to one person, who is the director of the entire division. 3. He learns matters of telephone and video security (which will help him in the business he hopes to establish in Tennessee). 4. Tuition reimbursement for computer and college classes. 5. Shorts and flip-flops are Friday attire! 6. (Most important...) Adam really likes the place, his boss, and his opportunity to professional growth. The bads are: 1. No paid vacation days for 1 year. (This is the situation with every job he has looked at here...seems to be the norm.) He does get 3 days though, and his boss may be willing to grant days occasionally. 2. Weird hours (10:30 am til 8:00 pm)...though these may be flexible, especially on Fridays.
So...overall he's excited and eager to start something "stable." Obviously, staying with the bank would have been the best, but they just were not willing to work with him on the telecommuting. He is still with the bank and starting his new job Monday! (He and his boss are going to discuss the "hand-overs" and he's willing to work in the early mornings to help with his transition.) We are quite relieved and are looking forward to Adam's new job and the opportunites it may present!


Anonymous said...

Adam-Congrats! We are a more global work market...but it is still primarily down to personally networking in a new job market. It shows you have talents in demand to break into a new job market.

Have a great weekend you two!

Anonymous said...

oops...last message from me, Jenn.

Anonymous said...

Hey! This is great news! I'll call you soon. Congratulations!


Anonymous said...

Adam,congratulations! You guys are
slowly, but surely working your way out of poverty.