Sunday, September 2, 2007

A Really Great Night!

Well, we just got in from a great afternoon and evening out! This morning, we tried to get tickets to a certain show, but we couldn't sit together. So, we looked into other options and decided on Spamalot (a musical that plays in Vegas, New York, and London) featuring John O'Hurley (as seen on Dancing with the Stars and Seinfield) and based on the Monte Python movies. Because we have Nevada licenses, we were eligible for the buy-one-get-one-free promotion, which saved us $108. So, we were pleased with that and decided to have dinner at the Wynn buffet (the same hotel with the show we were going to see). When we picked up our tickets at the box office, we were told to go to a counter where we could get a "players card" with a $25 slot credit. With plenty of time to waste before dinner, we put a $1 bill into a slot machine (you had to put something first to get to use the credit) and won $226 on the second spin!!! We cashed this out and used up our $25 worth of free play. The dinner was spectacular and the show was hilarious with true Broadway-quality talent! We are now home and getting ready for bed. Overall it was a great night! Here are some pics... (For those who know the movies, you can see than Adam is being attacked by the "ferocious beast...")

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