Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lilly's Making Us Crazy!!!

Ok, Lilly is driving us crazy! She hasn't lived indoors in over 5 years and we haven't had to deal with her indoors during that time either... Something about Vegas has really messed her up. She now poops twice a day (instead of her Florida weeklies) and is too dumb to climb into her hammock and perch that I built her. So, she sits at the bottom of the cage and scratches the bars (making horrible noises) to get attention. She sometimes gets to the top of the cage and then falls to the bottom again (more noise)! So today, I built her a ramp to climb. I bought the 2 maple dowels, painted them hunter green, and tied them together with zip ties. So far, she hasn't been willing to try it. Anyway...this cage is becoming a huge ordeal! We are just trying to make her comfortable and happy, which will hopefully subject us to less noise and pain. Here's a pic of me in the cage with the new ramp and Lilly over my left shoulder.


Anonymous said...

This picture really uplifted my spirits this morning. Maybe you should allow Lily to sleep in the bed with yall for a few nights, this might ease her discomforts.

--Leslee and Joey

Anonymous said...

Maybe she just needs some music from her native home. Trey might could send yall some regae to pump through the home. Steel drums may lead to a "still stomach" for Lilly.
-- Leslee