Sunday, August 12, 2007

Our Trip to the Strip

Last night Adam and I celebrated our first week in Vegas with a trip to the Strip. We figured we would "cheat" (which we have the available points for with Weight Watchers) and eat at a good buffet. We set out and made it to the Strip around 5:00. We decided that we'd go whole hog and eat at the Bellagio buffet. It's one of the most expensive ones here, but it has amazing things. For example, it has Kobe beef, beef wellington (very nice...we learned from Hells Kitchen), snow crab legs already cracked length-wise for easy eating, rack of lamb, roasted BBQ quail, fresh rolled sushi, a Chinese area with dim sum, and all the usual buffet salads and vegetables. There was so much food, we couldn't even sample a tiny bite of each thing (though we did try really hard). After trying as much as we could (saving a little room), we then hit the desert bar. This included creme brule, flan, cappucino mouse (Adam's favorite), chocolate-covered strawberries (my favorite), cheesecake, apricot mouse, key-lime pie, apple crumb cake, and several sugar-free options (which we conviently bypassed). So, we left so full we could hardly move!!! We then walked around and watched the Bellgio fountain "show." By 9:00, we were really tired, so we headed home, cared for the dogs, and went to bed. Here are just a few pictures that we took. One is of us at the Mirage volcano, one is of me at Bellagio, and the third is of Adam at the "Eiffel Tower."

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed looking at the photos posted Saturday and Sunday. The cage is huge! Hope Lilly makes her adjustment...I guess she is used to having her own room...and wonders about your noises, too? The food description really made me hungry as it was too hot to cook last night and I had just finished my sandwich and carrots...

Have a good week.