Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What a Difference a Year Makes...Happy 4th of July!!!

This morning, while thinking about tomorrow's upcoming national holiday, I couldn't help but reflect on this past year.  Last July 4, we invited Mom, Dad, and 2 other couples to our home for a BBQ and fireworks (courtesy of our neighbors mostly).  Adam and I had completed our first IVF cycle at that point, but had not yet had our official beta-HCG test (blood). I knew I wasn't pregnant, and I was crushed.  Furthermore, I was miserable.  My hips were blood red and sore to the point where I couldn't even lean back in the lawn chair...I sat on the edge and tried not to let my sides touch anything.  It was a tough holiday to endure...even with great company.

Tomorrow, just one year later, our entire life has changed!  This year, my hips are bruised and a tad sore, but for the best reason ever!  After 4 cycles, we are pregnant. And next year, we may be enjoying the holiday with 1-3 little ones!  Amazing!

While I'm not very proud of our President and government, I am proud to live in this country.  I'm proud to be the beneficiary of technology and laws that exist (or fail to exist) that allow couples like Adam and I to be parents.  I'm proud that my husband served this country and I'm proud to say that my family was one of the first families to ever settle in Georgia.  Overall, I'm proud to be an American.  Happy July 4 everyone!


Samantha said...

Happy 4th of July to you too

IVFlygirl said...

Yes, a year does make a world of difference. We were still afraid we might lose our pregnancy and didn't want to buy anything.

Anonymous said...