Thursday, July 12, 2012

6 Amazing Days Later...

Our babies!
Today was our second ultrasound and was somewhat "informal."  One of my collegues offered to do it for us, since we were anxious to verfiy that the babies did indeed have beating hearts.  He and his wife/nurse were in the room with Adam and I.  Since we all know each other, it was nice to share a moment like this with people who really cared about us and knew what we had endured the past 2 years to get to this moment!  Once he placed the probe, both sacs and babies were easily seen...with their tiny hearts just beating away!  It was really amazing to see them "wiggle" (more like a vibration) and to see them so close to each other!  Both are measuring perfectly and seem quite healthy!  On a side note, we did see a tiny sac of Embryo/Blast #3...but clearly it didn't make it (which we suspected based on our third blood test results). 
We are thrilled and so happy!  The blood flow to my uterus was wonderful (which was a change from our previous studies) and each baby had a healthy developing umbilical cord with good blood flow. 
Our next ultrasound is July 23.  I can't wait, as that will be 8 weeks!  We feel very blessed for every moment that we get with this pregnancy and can't wait to see who these two little "beans" become!


Jessica Anne said...

Aren't those ultrasounds just amazing? Its so great that you could have that moment with people you are close to.

On a side note, I am so jealous that you will have 3 ultrasounds before I have my first!!! This wait is worse than the 2ww. :)

Congrats again!

Samantha said...

How amazing :-) so happy for you two

IVFlygirl said...

Awww...they're hugging! So adorable! (OK...I know it's the sacs that look like they're cuddling, but still cute).

Amber said...

Look at that beautiful ultrasound, two babies! Congratulations, I couldn't be more happy for you. I have my 2nd u/s Tuesday and will mark 9 weeks. Are you having any symptoms? I am having zero and its really unsettling and hard to believe this is really happening.

Adam and Loucinda Sawinski said...

Fly: Yep...every time I feel a twinge (which is fairly frequent at night), we say that they are fighting for space already and saying "Mom...he's touching me!" They are sitting "in line" (front to back) at the top of the hard to get an equal shot right now!

Jessica: I am very fortunate to have the 2 ultrasounds already. Still anxious for the official one on July 23!

Amber: Congratulations on making it 9 weeks! I feel lots of symptoms, though nothing unbearable (sore breasts, periodic mild nausea/bad taste in mouth, and cramping/twinges). I'm glad to have them, as they make me feel like things are ok! But...I wouldn't complain about not having some of them either!