Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 Little Blasts...and More Great News!

Our babies...can't wait to see how many "stuck!"

For you Rosewater...
Today was our second beta HCG (pregnancy blood test).  We increased from 284 to 630 in 48 hours!  Our nurse's first words when she called me today were, " are just an over achiever, aren't you?  You definitely are blowing the socks off of this!"  Since I've never done anything but fail in this ART world, I can't tell you how great it felt to FINALLY get great news from our main nurse!  It was great to go into the office today and get hugs and "congratulations" comments as well...not to mention a very nice email from our doc!

As for the future, I keep being asked about ultrasounds, due dates, and other information.  Our due date is March 3...assuming a 40 week singleton.  Based on our numbers so far, there's probably more than one baby growing.  So...taking that into consideration and my hypertension, I feel like our realistic due date will be sometime in late January/early February.  With just never know!  As for ultrasounds, that should be determined on Friday.  I'm thinking July 23...but hoping I can beg my way into one on July 16.  It feels like so far away right now!

Obviously, we are on Cloud 9 right now!  I sincerely wanted to give this 100% effort, but never dreamed we would actually ever be successful.  Thankfully, we have a great doctor with wonderful staff who never painted "rosey" pictures...but also told us that it wasn't yet time to quit.  I'm just trying to enjoy every second of this happiness (even when I threw up today) and can't wait until Friday to see our next set of numbers!

I have had many emails and messages...from as far away as Germany and Australia these past few days!  It has been wonderful.  Thank you all!


Jessica Anne said...

I'm so happy for you!! Those numbers really do sound like multiples! Yay! Twins are so much fun.... and they don't always come early :) Look forward to reading more updates!


IVFlygirl said...

We are still over-the-moon for you! Can't wait for

1. Your u/ know I'm partial to twins, but you've got Cali to tell you all about life with triplets if that ends up becomming your reality.

2. Rosewater to join us. She's so special...and some baby (one or more) is going to be SO lucky to have her as their Mommy.

JorDan said...

This means you can join us for the KLP 2014 cruise!! Yah!!
Impatiently will await more details! :)

Amber said...

Fantastic numbers, yayyy!

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