Monday, May 2, 2011

We Are Home!!!

Well, we just got home from a totally amazing trip last night! Adam, Ms. Lokey (who we call Nana), and I flew down to San Juan last Saturday. We spent one night in San Juan and then boarded the Carnival Victory for a 1 week Southern Caribbean cruise. Needless to say, it was a WONDERFUL vacation! I plan to put together a photo trip journal over the next week or so and will send it to anyone interested by email. Just leave me a comment...

Today was a real dose of reality. I was busy at Wound Care then got to the office where my desk was covered (and still is) with paperwork! Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it because I had to go to the ER for 2 consults (one of which was sewing up a big forehead laceration in a 16 month old little girl). I'm just getting home and am downloading some photos now.

On the "baby" side, I talked to Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy today and provided them with all of our insurance information. They will call us in the next day or two to arrange payment and our big box of injectables/meds should arrive in the next week or two! So....things are definitely moving forward!

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