Friday, May 6, 2011

Our first package!!!

Well...after a major issue with FedEx and a wrong address, we are the proud owners of a brown box from Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy full of all kinds of stuff! Somehow, our address was turned in as Stonegate Creek instead of Stonegate Circle! This meant that we had $200 in heat-sensitive materials "lost" on a stupid truck all afternoon. After several calls, our box was safely delivered!

Unfortunately, it is missing 3 of which is critical to us starting our IVF cycle. Leupron, which is the injectable we are supposed to begin on May 29, is on national shortage. IF it is not available by then, we are screwed and can't do in vitro in June. That would be really devastating to us...

The bag is also missing 50 injections of Repronex and 1 injection of HCG. These two drugs couldn't come from Walgreens with our insurance, so they will be arriving on May 17 from CVS Caremark Pharmacy.

All in all, I count 4 injectables so far (Delestrogen, Progesterone, Leupron, and Repronex) for 2-3 weeks! Eek!!! 4 shots a day will be a bit frightening, but we'll do whatever we have to do I suppose.

I currently count 10 different other medications associated with the process! I'm pretty anxious to start this and am just praying really hard that this Leupron shortage issue gets resolved before May 28 (and would ask that you do the same)!

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you get gestational diabetes, at least you'll be prepared for it! lol. Hopefully the shrtage will take care of itself. Love yall! Leslee