Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers' Day (For Some...)

Well, another Mothers' day rolls around. We'll go to church this morning where all Mothers will be asked to stand and be recognized. And, I'll deliver cards to my Mom and some other special mothers in my life (sorry Leslee and Cindy....didn't get to buy and send them in time).

Unfortunately, I see this day through totally different eyes this year. While I'm grateful for my Mom, Grandmother, Mother-in-Law, and sister, I'm sad that it's a "club" that I can't be a part of. Reading the hundreds of Facebook comments this morning that imply that women who aren't mothers are somehow inferior just really iced the cake! Adam also informed me that if we'd started this 3 years ago, it might somehow be different. So....apparently this is all my fault!

Congratulations to those who are mothers! For those of us who aren't, please be a little sensitive. Not all women who fail to stand in church and be recognized are pleased to be sitting. There are thousands across the country who would give anything to stand, including me!

Happy Mothers' Day. Count your blessings!

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