Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hilton Head Girls' Weekend Trip Report

Well, this weekend was our annual Girls' Weekend in Hilton Head. We've been doing this weekend almost every year (in some form) since 2006. It's a nice weekend for Mom, Leslee, and I to visit with our good friends. Over the last 2 years, many of my friends have "dropped out" for various reasons and this year was no exception. However, we always have 8 or 9 women and I must say that it makes for a nice sized group! Mom, Leslee, Ms. Elaine, and her daughter Alison and I are the "rocks" that can always be counted on. We always enjoy seeing each other, even if we were ever to be the only ones! The Schinco/Shaffers also come most years, but only for 1 night. This year, we added Carolyn nurse and best buddy here in Shelbyville. She fit in like a glove and I'm hoping she will be a "rock" for the future!

Over the weekend, we ate fabulous pizza and seafood. We walked on the beach,lounged by the pool ,and napped. And, we enjoyed several tropical libations! This year, we were blessed to be able to enjoy a 4 bedroom/3.5 bathroom home with a pool and hottub directly on the beach. It was fabulous (though a poor design if you wanted to live there)! The views were wonderful!

While there were no kayak misfortunes this year, we did have a few "incidents!" I managed to lock all 6 of us out of the house Friday morning (in our PJs). We were "stuck" on the 3rd floor balcony for about an hour! Then, Lauren arrived at the house on Saturday having forgot her swimsuit AND shoes! (She's 15....just didn't quite remember stupid shoes!) Miren arrived with a totally flat tire and managed to back into a live oak tree in the driveway! So....always something with our bunch!

Overall, the weekend was an opportunity for me to reflect on several things...

1. I have been really resentful of my friends who didn't come and have certainly questioned many of my friendships over the past several months. I also have learned that a few people (who are not the ones reading this) were NOT my friends, which was a hard reality.

2. However, I am really blessed by those who came! Mom, Leslee, Nana (Carolyn), Ms. Elaine, Alison, Miren, Khelsea, and Lauren ARE my friends who came and I couldn't have asked for a better bunch to spend the weekend with!

3. I realize that I have many friends who couldn't come....and they are still special to me! Life circumstances get in the way and priorities in life change. Therefore, whether they came or not, my friends are still my friends...period.

*******************************Most Important Revelation****************************

4. Overall, these weekends aren't about who didn't come or who dropped out. They are all about the ones of us who DO come and I wouldn't trade this year's group (or any of the past groups) for anything!

Thank you ladies who came this year! You made this year EXTRA special and because of that, I WILL find a way to do this again next year! I had a wonderful time and feel VERY refreshed, happy, thankful, and blessed to have enjoyed this with you and can't wait for next year!


Anonymous said...

I had lots of fun too. It's always a nice relaxing weekend. The only bad part about a heated pool is it makes me too lazy to do anything else!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed myself this year. I know it was expensive for you, but the pool, hot tub, and beach and yea the food we ate was all wonderful.