Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Infertility Etiquette


The truth is that I really can't say this any better than this article does!  I just wish I could be given a nickel for every time Adam and I have been asked/told the following:

1. Have you considered adoption?  My new response is, "Have you?" or "Why didn't you adopt?"
2. Just relax, it'll happen.  My reponse is, "Nope, it won't.  We went on a 9 day Caribbean vacation and spent 10 days at Disney World which calls itself the Happiest Place on Earth.  Didn't work for us!"
3.  Well, maybe it's God's will.  My response is simple, "I guess so."
4. (Sorry, added late!)  In general, telling me how fertile you are!  Let me just tell you, I don't care to hear it.  If sharing the soap with your husband gets you pregnant, then yeah for you.  If your uterus looks perfect and your doctor tells you how important birth control practices are, then yeah for you.  If you got pregnant "accidentally," then yeah for you.  I'm glad most folks are happily fertile, but don't tell me and your infertile friends about it! It's pretty insensitive!

Happy reading!


Kimberly Logue said...

Very well said...and thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you/Adam to be blessed with a child.


Anonymous said...

This was very well written. If only I could pin a copy of it to myself and demand that others read it before speaking to me.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this. Are you sure you didn't write it? I wish I would have had thos advise when you started going through this! Love you!