Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another trip...

Well, Mom and I went up to PathGroup Labs today (the actual lab and pathology place for central TN) for another blood draw. After two nights on only 3 amps of our medicine (instead of the 4 we were taking), my E2/Estradiol level was 1006 or 1060. So, we only went up by 100 or opposed to doubling!

Tonight, we go back to our 4 amps and guess what??? I get to go to Nashville AGAIN tomorrow AND Monday! Adam will ride with me tomorrow. Unfortunately, the only way to regulate the drugs is to look at ultrasound results and lab values. Looks like lots of blood draws and trips to Nashville this week.

Our goal is several follicles over 2cm (usually it's less for women, but because I am good...they are shooting for "better" eggs) and an E2/Estradiol level above 3000. At the pace I was going before we backed off, I'd have been ready by Tuesday. So, slowing down now...we are still looking at Friday. I'm definitely getting more excited... Even if things don't work the first time, I'm happy that we at least are able to give this such a good shot and that things are going very nicely so far. I talked to our doc today and he's happy with everything, so we are too!

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Anonymous said...

So what did Monday's (today's lab) say? Friday isn't that far away!