Thursday, June 23, 2011

19 Eggs!!!

Well, I'm up and doing great. The egg retrieval went really well thig morning and overall, 19 eggs were retrieved! We won't know how many fertilized (which means they were injected with a sperm and have divided) until tomorrow morning, but I'm hopeful that most will!

For those who want details (otherwise, that's the end of the post):

We got to CRH at 7:15 am (early as usual to avoid traffic) and went into the office around 7:40 am. There was one man who came into the waiting room from the back, so we assume he was waiting on his partner's egg retrieval. We waited until 8:10 am and were beginning to get a little anxious. (The trigger shot we took on Tuesday was at 8:45 pm, and egg retrieval should be done 36 hours later...if too late, you can ovulate and lose eggs.) They took me back at 8:15 am to the OR area. I had to provide a urine specimen for a pregnancy test (still find this a bit ironic) and get changed into the infamous open-backed gown, blue cap, and booties. I then went to a recliner where I signed some consent forms and received my ID bracelet. I was asked to consent to a cervial stitch. I wasn't even sure as to what it was or was for, but not wanting to delay...signed the form anyway! Very shortly after, I walked into the OR and got onto the bed. It looked more like a modified exam table than an OR bed, which makes sense for what they are doing. 2 CRNAs (one was a student) and the anesthesiologist came in a spoke to me. They put in an IV (and drew some blood....shocking, I know) and within minutes, I was out! I vaguely remember moving onto the strecther and hearing something like "18 eggs." I woke up about 10 minutes later in recovery doing well. I got dressed and was wheeled out to the car. Adam asked Anita about the eggs and was told that there were 19. my stupor, I was close!

Overall, it was a positive and easy experience! Now, we wait to see how many fertilized!


garcia family said...

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

I'm so excited! Can't wait to get the call to see how many are dividing! Sunday isn't that far away! Just think, at this very instant, my nieces/nephews could be beginning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!