Friday, August 29, 2008

Cades Cove

Nice mountain views...Horses...
Large black bear crossing the meadow.

Well, since moving here we have enjoyed our drives out to Cades Cove for some "bear-hunting." So far, we've been 3 times since moving here and have seen a total of 5 bears! We never seem to remember the video camera or our good camera. We always have our "versatile" camera, which takes average photos during the day, pitiful photos at dusk (which is when we always see the bears), and useless photos at night. Here are a few pics of tonight's trip which included 1 bear, tons of deer, and some tame horses...

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Anonymous said...

Cinda and Adam,
Yeepee!!! Terrific to see the various photos of the final leg of the trip into Tenn...and photos of the new home/area.
Blessings on this new journey!