Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Visit to the Valley of Fire...

A Beehive Formation (There are tons of these....) Fonzie and I at the Petrified Log Area
Fonzie with the Orange Rocks...
Mini Cooper Convention (There were at least 20 of these parked in the lot!)
Fonzie and I

Since Adam is gone, I got a great deal on high end hiking boots yesterday (usually $175, bought for $70- Gortex and all), and Red Rock is too desolate to hike alone, I decided to venture out to the Valley of Fire State Park. So I packed up some snacks and water and headed out with Fonzie. We went by the nursing home, I did some wound care, and then we were off! This park is Nevada's first state park and abuts Lake Mead (though we didn't see it). We went to most of the major areas in the park and did some hiking on some short but georgeous trails. It's really a shame that millions of people come to Las Vegas every year (and live in the town for that matter), and yet fail to this this natural work of art. Here are a few representative pictures that don't even come close to demonstrating the beauty of this park!

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Anonymous said...

Fonzie looks like he'd rather be in a mini cooper than on the rocks! Glad you are out enjoying that side of the country.