Sunday, March 2, 2008

Our First Visit to the Doggie Park!

Fonzie's New BuddyFonzie mingling with other chihuahuas...
Abbey and the Nasty Bulldog
(This one was way more interested in me than her!)
Abbey checking out the place with her Daddy...

One thing that seems to be "cool" in large towns is the presence of Dog Parks, and Las Vegas is no exception. Yesterday was a beautiful day here, so we decided to take the dogs out for some sunshine and socialization. (Basically, I watched the Dog Whisperer and wanted to see how well our dogs would do in "social situations".) Both dogs behaved very well, though with some caveats. We kept Abbey on the leash because she startles when other dogs come up on her too fast (since she can't see them coming). And when she startles, she bites! Fonzie cowered around me for the first hour or so, then loosened up and seemed to enjoy himself. I also had the privilege of being molested by a big nasty bulldog who grabbed onto my right leg (claws and all) and proceeded to "hump" my leg. His owner was useless as was my husband who was laughing hysterically... I finally got him off and had a leg full or drool and dirt. Next time, I'll be neutering him on site should he pull that again! Here are some pics. None are particularly good as all the dogs want to do is sniff each other's butts then chase each other!

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Well, at least you know you still can attact men... even if they are dogs.