Sunday, January 27, 2008

Dinner and "Oh La La"

Adam posing at the theater direction sign after the show.We should've had THIS cake topper... (not really)! Funny it's in front of a baby carriage!
Me, Sandi, and Bill at the Sorbet cafe.
Adam, Sandi, and Bill at the same.

Last night, we were invited to dinner with some friend here in Las Vegas. We went to Jerry's Nugget, a small casino with a great little "diner-style" restaurant. We dined on lobster, a small steak, salad, and potato for $12. The dessert was huge for $4.50! After an enjoyable meal with Sandi and her friend Bill (who looks like Andy Rooney), we went to the Paris resort to see Oh La La. This show was a "free" treat for Adam and I (thanks to Sandi) and was basically a topless review. Overall, it was weak in talent, but Adam really enjoyed it! Here are some pics of our night out...


Anonymous said...

I love the cake topper, although I agree, it wouldn't have exactly fit the theme of your wedding.


Joey said...

You know, come to think of might actually have fit the theme of the wedding weekend (just not with the bride and groom). Too bad no pictures of the revue, tell Adam I am disappointed..