Sunday, October 14, 2007

Last Night...

Yesterday, we went down to the Strip for a long walk (6.8 miles) and some Mexican food. We ate at a place called La Salsa (a popular chain on the Strip). It was really good and the margarita was one of the best (and strongest) I've ever had! We didn't take many photos, but here are a couple of Adam at the MGM Grand and New York, New York.

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Anonymous said...


I remember a movie about a football team that looked really good in their uniforms. A fan commented, "they look good, but can they play ball"? The food you prepared looked good, although the china selection did little for presentation. The question is, did the food taste good?

Heaven forbid that I even imply by expression that anything your mother cooks isn't good. She does not receive constructive criticism with grace about anything she cooks. However it taste, my response must be positive! Most of the time her food is really good.