Sunday, October 14, 2007

I Cooked!

The coffee table setting (we don't have a dining room table)...Adam's Plate...

On Friday, I decided to do something nice for my husband since his birthday was coming up. He had mentioned that he had been craving steaks, so I bought some premium grade steaks and some extras. I even bought some china and candles and played nice music via my ipod. I made steaks (Adam's was topped with garlic cooked mushrooms.), acorn squash (with pumpkin spice and cinnamon butter), and garlic mashed potatos with shrimp cocktail (in coffee cups) and fresh salads. I even bought his favorite type of beer (Apple Cider beer) to complement the meal and a small birthday cake with Halloween sprinkles. Other than the steaks being a little too salty (too much garlic salt in the marinade), the food was really good. Unfortunately, Adam wasn't that thrilled. He told me that he really had "going out for steak" in mind and that my squash were not like his Mom's. (Of course not...I made them my way!) So, the food was good but Adam's enthusiasm left a lot to be desired... Here are pictures to prove that I really did cook! (And since he wasn't that grateful, he can expect his next cooked meal in another couple of years!)

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! I am looks great... you can cook for us anytime and we will be greatful.

-- Leslee