Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bite Festival and Freemont Street

Watermelon Kiwi Lemonade (Very Goood!) At the Bite of Las Vegas Festival Viva Las Vegas!
A Rare Pic of Us Together at Freemont Street
Adam and the Freemont Street Bear

Today we went to the Bite of Las Vegas Festival which was basically an outdoor festival with lots of food vendors and several concerts (ie Fuel, Vanessa Carlton, and Lifehouse). All benefits went towards the homeless, so we figured it was for a good cause. We sampled chicken fingers, fries, sub sandwiches, pizza, homeade icecream, and watermelon lemonade. Though I really like Lifehouse, we didn't want to stand around for 3 hours waiting for the show. We decided to leave and head to Freemont St. (the original Las Vegas hotspot). They have an overhead light show, lots of casinos, and lots to eat and drink. We walked the area, listened to a 70s band, then headed home. Here are some pics of our afternoon and evening.

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