Friday, September 14, 2012

Hormone Free, Finally!

One key component of our infertility struggle has been my complete lack of hormone production (other than one high level...which is a bad thing).  As a result, I have required quite a bit of "supplementation" over the past 2 years...just to achieve "normal" levels.  Once we became pregnant, the need for hormones that would support our pregnancy was critical.  Without this support, we would have carried a HUGE miscarriage risk. 

While the average IVF lady takes supplemental hormones for 8 weeks or so, I didn't get that lucky.  Even at 12 weeks, my need for additional support was evident through my laboratory values.  Therefore, I have been on the hormones continuously since June 3 (not to mention for the 3 previous cycles)!  As of today, I'm15 weeks 4 days and have been given the order to stop all of them!

It's so nice to stop all of these meds and it's amazing how much more "normal" I feel this evening!  For us, this is a major milestone in our pregnancy and I'm praying that our bloodwork looks wonderful on Monday.  And, on that note, our next ultrasound is Monday!  I know the babies have grown and can't wait to see them again!!! 

As for the recommendations on pregnancy wear, thanks!  I like the Old Navy stuff, but it simply doesn't fit my body shape (or size for that matter).  I've only gained 6 pounds so far, so I think I'm good for another couple of weeks at least!  I did buy a few long-sleeved t-shirts/tops at Motherhood Maternity last week in addition to my jeans, so I'm good to go for now!  Thank goodness for scrubs!


Anonymous said...

Good deal!! Love you Mom

Samantha said...

Praise the Lord for no more horomones, that's awesome news!!! And is it sad that your blog is under my favorites tab lol {{Hugs}}