Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Dream Comes True!

Today was a magical day for Adam and I!  We got up before 5am this morning to head to Nashville for our first appointment with our new Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor, who will also serve as our full Obstetrician.  We arrived early, so had a leisurely breakfast at Starbucks.  Afterwards, we entered the office at 7:30am so that we could fill out the usual paperwork. 
At 8:00am on the dot, we were taken back for our first "anatomy" ultrasound.  The tech was obviously great at her job, and she quickly started.  As usual, Baby A was moving, but in a calm/mellow fashion.  It didn't take very long at all to realize that Baby A was a Boy...100% and no doubt about it!  He was nicely cooperative and we were able to see everything needed to feel great about his measurements.  Since I just knew that I was carrying two boys, I couldn't help but be happy for Adam.  While we both agreed that this would be our only pregnancy regardless, I knew how badly he wanted a son and I was thrilled that he had his wish!

After we completed Baby A's measurements, we moved on to Baby B.  As usual, this little one was VERY active!  Every measurement was a challenge because this little one just couldn't hold still!  After about 20 minutes, she quietened down enough that the tech was finally able to get her BP diameter and other critical measurements.  Just after that point, she did a nice little flip and allowed us a great look between her legs while showing us her butt.  And needless to say, SHE was clearly a girl!  So...I think our little firecracker may not be all sugar and spice!  She seems to put a regular beating on her brother!  When I saw her, I teared up a bit.  I wanted a girl, but had pretty much given up on my wish.  To actually realize that my dream had come true was just magical!
My fundal height is now above my belly-button!  While I'm only 17 weeks, I measure 22 weeks...despite only gaining 6 pounds so far.  I may not gain an excessive amount of weight, but I think I'm headed toward being rather large in the mid-section...and I can't wait!

After our ultrasound was completed, we waited about 15 minutes to meet our new doctor.  I knew he had a great reputation, but didn't know if I would actually like him or not.  In the end, both Adam and I REALLY liked him and feel confident that he will be a great physician for us!  He outlined our "plan" for care and basically plans to perform a scheduled C-section on the week of February 4.  Now, we just have to pray the babies comply with this plan!
Since I was a young girl, I always said I wanted Boy/Girl twins.  I knew it wasn't likely, but I figured that it was always something to hope for.  I never prayed for this, because I knew that my larger desire was just for healthy children.  Once the infertility nightmare began, I just wanted a baby...whatever we could have  by whatever means would be a miracle.  Amazingly, over 2 years later, I think we have it all!  While the route wasn't what I dreamed of and never could have even imagined, today was the true moment where I realized that our dreams really had come true!  Now...we just need these little ones to hang out and grow for 19 more weeks!  We feel so blessed and happy...it's frankly unbelievable and our prayers have been answered!  For those who have prayed, thank you!  They worked!


JK said...

You do have it all! Congratulations!

Samantha said...

This is so awesome, see I told you I was praying for a boy and a girl for you :)
So looking forward to the first baby pics :)

sarah said...

We have been trying for 3 years to get pregnant and reading your story gives us such hope. I can't tell you how happy I am for the 2 of you. I find it even more amazing that after all your struggles to get pregnant, that now your not only pregnant but with boy/girl twins!! God bless you both and your impending family :)