Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'd Give Us a "D!"

Jenny Wren...this is for you!

Most of you know me...and you know that I NEVER fail!  Until this year, I have rarely failed anything (maybe one test here and there...but NOT a normal occurrence).  2011 has totally changed that!  This year, I've failed several things...though none were within my control.  If compliance guarenteed an "A," I would have made all "A+'s!"
Today, we went to Nashville for our last appointment of the year.  As the ultrasound tech measured our lining, I noticed that the numbers were NOT 7mm.  She sincerely made every possible effort to find a 7mm lining, but it simply wasn't there. The best thickness she could find was 6.6mm (goal was 8mm). Obviously, I was REALLY worried and bordering on upset...though knew that until the blood work returned that there would be no "plan."  Anita decided that since we were not sure which way things were going to go, she would just send me home with the Progesterone in Olive Oil bottle...rather than just giving me the injection. I could tell that she was a bit worried as well, though she was definitely trying to find a way for us to still be ready in February! (I could see her "calculating" dates in her head...)  As usual, she promised to call me as soon as she talked to Dr. V...who couldn't make a decision without the results of the labs.
At 4:12pm, Anita called me.  She was quite bubbly and told me that both of us were worried about nothing!  Though he didn't communicate it with the two of us (or anyone else), he never planned to get our lining to 8mm.  Because of my clotting issues, being obese, and the fact that this was a trial run, he intentionally kept the estrogen doses and levels low.  His goal was to see endometrial growth and elevating blood estradiol levels...not full maturation.  He was actually pleased with the cycle and feels very confident that we will easily hit 8-9mm on the "real" cycle!  So, after a nail-biting day...we are relieved!
Overall, I'd say we "Passed" the mock cycle...but with a "D" grade.  At this point, I'll take it!
Tonight is officially my last "stick" of the year!!!  Injecting olive oil into my hip weirds me out a little (and causes a nice pink goose-egg), but I am VERY happy that we are done!  February, here we come!!!


Randi said...

This is very good news!! I know how hard it is for you to accept a "D", and I think you should give yourself a higher grade! Hang in there, and enjoy not having to take any shots for a little while. I'll keep praying for you and Adam!

MaryMargaret said...

I'm so glad that you passed! It would be nice to have the goals communicated in advance, though. I'm using Progesterone in Sesame oil- I wonder if it would be less reactive for you than the olive oil? Yay for February!!

Dinah said...

Mmmmm . . . Olive oil is yummy. Especially when used as a dip for a crusty bread roll. There's a restaurant near here that serves rolls and olive oil at every table, and I think we'll go there soon.
Wait, you're not talking about eating it, are you??
Glad you're done with the fake stuff and ready to move onto the real thing!

Adam and Loucinda Sawinski said...

MM: Ethyl oleate is the lightest, most tolerated oil for injections. It's my usual, but I'm out. All they had was the olive oil and it's just one I can deal with it! Saves me $50!

Amber said...

Wishing you the best of luck!