Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Furniture, Lilly, and the Strip

New Dining Table Dining Room
Lilly Close-Up
Adam at Excaliber
Me at the Sigfreid and Roy Statue

Well, the last 2 weeks haven't been all that exciting for us. We spend last weekend driving to every end of Las Vegas to rent a truck, get our new dining table and guest room matress set, take them home, and return the truck. Once we finished this, we ate at Terra Rosa which is a nice restaurant in the Red Rock Resort. Thanks to all of this effort, we now have a real dining table! (Which is good now that I cook every now and then.) Last night, we went down to the Strip and ate at the Flamingo Buffet. It was a nice atmosphere (fountains, flamingos, and huge Japanese carp outside of the window we sat by), but the food wasn't all that great. If it were not for dessert, we would have left hungry! We then walked our 7 mile trek to the end of the Strip and back. We played a few bucks in slots and ended up breaking even, so we quit. (No jackpots for us...) Here are a couple of pics of the new table, Lilly (who is forced to share the dining room...we have "exotic" dining here in Vegas), and us at the Strip last night.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope Lilly isn't like our cats. They like to poop about the time we sit down to eat! Nothing kills a culinary experience any faster.

Yall walk 7 miles down the strip? I'm so exhausted after my 2 mile Leslie Sansong video to even get to the fridge to get some water.

I see you are wearing your UGA jersey. How bout them dawgs?!?!?!