Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fall in Red Rock Canyon

Today we decided to go on a hike to celebrate the cooler weather (60-75 degrees on the trail) and the fall season. Unfortunately, fall here is like spring, summer, and winter. No real chages ever seem to occur with scrub bushes, cacti, and bushes... We hiked 4.4 miles noted as "moderate" on one sign and "difficult" on another. We didn't see any notable wildlife (which seems to be the trend at Red Rock) and the scenerery wasn't too impressive either. But, we did get some sunshine and exercise so it was worth it. Fonzie went with us and travelled in his "pouch." Tonight we ate dinner at the Palms hotel buffet (we had a 2-for-1 coupon) and went to Rampert Casino with $20 in rolled quarters (pocket change). We walked out after 2 hours of playing around and listening to the band and singer with $40. So basically we won twice what we went in with and got 2 free hours of enertainment. (Could have gotten some free drinks, but didn't want the calories...) Here are some pics of us hiking today.

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