Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moving In...

My office with 2 windows facing the dront and side of the building.Our smallest exam room. We have 3 exam rooms and 2 treatment rooms.

The hallway from the reception area to the exam rooms.

Dad sitting in the reception area.

Adam and I outside.

As of Thursday, we took possession of the new office. It's beautiful and has been described by many as "soothing." There are still a few things that need to be done (ie installing toilet tissue holders, paper towel holders, etc.), but it's ready to receive a few patients. Since our furniture is lagging behind, the waiting room will be a little sparse but will still be functional. The exam rooms are ready to go and our medical "supplies" will be arriving tomorrow! We have a beautiful place of our own, now all we need is plenty of patients! Here are some pics...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cinda and Adam,
Saw the pics of your new place.Wonderful!!!
Hope you both like the cold weather. Boy it looks cold..
Pete and Joy