Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Adam and Mom!!!

Close-Up of Adam's cake...
Bad photo because of flashing police light...
but certainly something to remember!Adam with his cake and remote-control helicopter I bought him.

Today was Adam and Mom's birthday! While Mom, Dad, and my grandparents toured the mountains, Adam and I enjoyed a much needed night together. Adam chose the dining venue...Little Caesars (at least it was cheap) and enjoyed a "mummy" birthday cake. (He asked specifically for a cake with vanilla buttercreme icing, so the "mummy" cake seemed perfect!)Since Adam loves "scarey" things, we decided to go up to Oak Ridge, TN to a "haunted" cave called Cherokee Caverns. While it wasn't really that frightening, it was really beautiful. The hanuted experience in the cave has been going on for the past 20 years, but is being closed this year. Sadly, they are terminating the experience because of tons of vandalism incidents which have destroyed many of the cave's formations. Sad.... We enjoyed the experience and are happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the "Haunted Cave!" Here are a few photos of Adam's cake and Adam on his 36th!!!

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Happy B-Day!