Friday, September 26, 2008

Photo-less Update

Well, I don't have any new photos to place at this moment. Dinah and Rose came over to visit last weekend and we had a fabulous time! (One photo of this visit coming soon...) We ate well, drove around, and most importantly...just enjoyed catching up on all we've missed these past several years! Adam has been working out of town for the past 2 weeks, so I haven't gotten to see much of him at all, thus no new pics. He comes home today and hopefully we'll be able to get out a little tonight and tomorrow and take a few photos together.

As for jobs, Adam still has the bad travel gig for now. We're hoping something better will come along (one thing is pending now, but no news yet) as I HATE him being gone all the time! I'm still doing a lot of sitting around the office, but hoping that picks up once my cosmetic privileges are granted (first week in November). Until mid-October, I can't really advertise...which is killing me. Anyway, we're hanging in there and just praying that things turn around very soon. On a high note, the contractors started the interior build-out on my office this week and should finish it within the next 12-14 weeks!

If you still read the blog, send us a comment... We'd love to know how many folks still look at it!

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