Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sorry, but This is All I've Got....

Since my family's visist, I have gone back to working 7 days a week. Unfortunately, this just doesn't leave much time for adventures and nice pictures. However, there are plenty of things going on in our lives right now.

Adam's company here in Las Vegas just got bought out by another company last week. Thankfully, Adam got to keep his job and same salary which is a real blessing for us! He's now looking into employment in Tennessee, though we are pretty certain hat he won't actually get a job until he's physically living there. (It was the same here in Las Vegas.)

I have quite a bit going on myself. I work at my fellowship Monday through Thursdays (and some Fridays)), then go to the Urgent Care on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm working on setting up my practice in Tennessee, which the build-out will hopefully be starting soon.

As for us, Mom and Dad are looking at a couple of homes in Tennessee today. One in particular looks promising, so we'll wait and hear about the other. We'll likely purchase a home having never seen it, but I can guarentee that my parents have good tastes and that anything will beat an apartment!

I'll try go get some pics up as soon as we take some!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Good to hear the update. Talk with you soon.