Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back from the Smokeys...

On our condo porch.At the summit of the hike
(Adam was still asleep in the condo...).
The view of our future backyard from our future deck (hopefully)!
Dollywood on my 31st Birthday!
Adam with a Smokey Mountain Bear!

Well, we are back from our "vacation." We worked hard until late Thursday evening, never slept in the whole time, and braved cool/damp the vacation wasn't our best ever! But, we did have a great time with my parents and Trey and did enjoy being away from Sin City for a few days! We met lots of people in Maryville and have found a home we would definitely be happy in. We completed the Certificate of Need application as well while we were there. Despite lots of "business" we did manage to hike one morning and went to Dollywood on Friday for my 31st birthday. The food was great all week and it was a pleasure to be around kind, considerate people for the week. Here are a few pics from the trip...

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Anonymous said...

Cinda & Adam,
It was good to be with you both. It could not be helped that most of the week was business. I guess that was the plan. Moving this week (with at least another week to go) will certainly not be any fun. I'm so tired, but Daddy has worked really hard. He spent 5 hours working with the internet!!
Love, Mom