Monday, April 14, 2008

Hilton Head 2008

Preparing for the kayak adventure...Dinner at Hudsons...Amazing Seafood!
The Older Crowd (Elaine in Back and Mom in Front) doing very Well...
Me killing time while others unloaded...

So, I just got back from Girls' Weekend 2008 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. We had a total of 9 women who braved the trip. Mom, Leslee, and I made the trip as usual with 6 others. Tiffany and Sarah (who have never missed a single weekend) came and brought friends with them (Katherine and Debbie). Dinah also came as well as Mom's friend Elaine. We had the best weekend ever from food to beach walks to kayaks to lots of laughs! Sarah maintained her perfect record of bad luck when a "helpful" local dumped her out of her kayak...her head bobbing along the pier...priceless! Other than returning with a horrible cold/sinus infection, the trip was practically perfect. (I got to see Trey, Joey, Job, and my grandparents on Thursday night which was also really nice.) Anyway, here are a few representative photos of our near-perfect escape!


Anonymous said...

I had such a good time with everyone! I think however that the phrase for the trip will remain, "I'm sitting on a gold mine." Thanks Dinah... I needed that!


Anonymous said...

I had a great time with all of you young kids. Dinah, Tiffany,& Sarah you have been such good friends to both of my girls. I love all three of you. My friend Elaine enjoyed meeting all of you.
The food was great, but the kayak adventure is one I will always cherish. Thanks Elaine for being my partner(Leslee was thankful too, because that honor always ends up on her.)Love you all. Mom

Anonymous said...

Great photos. Hello to everyone!Glad you all had a wonderful time. Hope I can join you next year!

Anonymous said...

"perfect record of bad luck."
Let's see. The first weekend in Gatlinburg, my car broke down. Last year I crashed my bike into a fence, and this year I got dumped out into the nasty brine shrimp infested water. The only weekend that I can recall where nothing happened was your bachelorette weekend. Oh wait, that was the year I got evicted. Ok, so you are correct.
I can;t wait to see what will befall me next year! :)

I had fun, and Debbie did, too. Thanks for inviting us.